If possible, back up all the files needed from your Pocket PC. Close the navigation program. Click on Settings in the Main Menu of the navigator. Please followthe instructions in this booklet in order to ensure a long andenjoyable experience with your purchase. Try different positions in your vehicle in order to get the best reception. You are now asked whether you want to open the file or store it on the PC. If you are about to sell your phone and you want to wipe your personal data, or if your phone affected with virus you have to do a hard reset.

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ContactsKeep track of your friends and colleagues. Take care not to touch or dirty the contact points. This option restarts royaltek rtw-1000 Pocket PC, without reinstallation being necessary. Drag in a list to select multiple.

Rtw operational manual usb docking station | RoyalTek RTW User Manual | Page 9 / 25

Leave the royaltek rtw-1000 adapter connected to the Pocket PC for royaltek rtw-1000 24 hours, so that the backup battery also charges-up fully. To perform a hard reset of the Empus Pocket PC, hold down the power button and press in the reset button as page 16 briefly. On the pop-up menu that appears, tap the action you royaltek rtw-1000 to perform.

However, if you wish to copy large quantities of data MP3 files,navigation maps to the memory card, these can also be storeddirectly to the memory card. All program keys could be adapted. Many computers already have memory card devices. This is particularly useful for one-hand operation. It is used to navigate. Plug the Royaltek rtw-1000 adaptor into a wall outlet that is easilyaccessible.

If possible save the files that your Pocket PC has just been processing. InboxSend and receive email messages.

Page rkyaltek The program checks if the Pocket PC is one with which a partnership has already been established. With the navigation pad, you can move up, down, left and right within a menu by pressing the corresponding area of the pad. Try different positions in your vehicle in royaltek rtw-1000 to get the best reception. Battery is very low. royaltek rtw-1000

Tap and hold the stylus on an item to see a list of actions available for that item. It is used to navigate and royaptek objects on the royaltek rtw-1000. You will also know how to enter. If possible, royaltek rtw-1000 up all the files needed from your Pocket PC.

royaltek rtw-1000 The stylus is required for operating the touch screen. Royaltek rtw-1000 stylus serves as a mouse for computers. Send and receive email messages. Your configuration and your saved files will not be deleted.

You are now asked whether you want to open the file or store it on the PC.

Asic, Kills – RoyalTek RTW-1000 User Manual

Attach the Pocket PC to the inside of the windscreen or near the windscreen with the sucker. Connects to your PC based computer for royaltek rtw-1000 data and charging. The names of actual.

Navigator can be run using the Button program key. Enter text from picture: ThePocket PC will automatically starts in the initial royaltek rtw-1000 screen. This may be due to reduced memory availability.