If the original size cannot be detected automatically or to specify the original size, touch [Original Size], and then specify the original size from any of the screens. Select the desired Finishing settings. Touch [1 Center Staple Position]. The second screen is displayed. Double-sided copies The back side of the 2nd sheet of the copy is left blank, and the specified paper is inserted for the 3rd sheet of the copy.

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Controlling Use Of This Machine With Authentication Unit biometric Type biometric c3522 authenticates the user by scanning the vein oce cm3522 in the oce cm3522. How can the change in the printing priority be stopped? To specify the user group, touch [Apply Group]. This operation ocr only be oce cm3522 through an intranet.

This manual contains descriptions on setting methods for each function utilizing network connection, mainly using the Web Connection. Select the “2 Position” Staple setting. The sample copy will be printed even if the edges of the original extend off the original glass.


The sample copy is printed. Select the paper tray loaded with paper of the desired size.

Compatible with oce cm3522 machines: Press the [Start] key. Touch [Auto Reset Confirmation] or press the [4] key in the keypad.

Approximatelypage yield. To cancel the enlarged display and return the keyboard to its normal oce cm3522, touch [Enlarge OFF] while the keyboard is displayed enlarged. Page 65 — If a button other than [Auto Detect] was touched, oce cm3522 the desired paper size, and then touch [OK].

Oce cm Copier Parts Waste Toner Containers Supply Sale

Page Troubleshooting Carefully remove any misfed paper. Please oce cm3522 or email before ordering if expedited shipping is required. If you do not see the item you require for the OCE cm, please contact us via email, online chat, or toll free phone and we will locate the item you need oce cm3522 the OCE cm and at a very competitive price.

If the trou- ble code appears oce cm3522, contact your Service Rep. Application functions After all original pages have been scanned, touch [Finish] and then press the [Start] key. Align the originals as the references so that the side to be scanned faces up. We use cookies for site personalization, marketing, and analytics learn more. ADF with the top of the original toward the right side of this machine. oce cm3522

Page – Oce cm3522 the message “Now remote operating. Page 72 — To stop the copy operation being performed, press the [Stop] key. Page 24 Fax multi line cm Installed to increase the telephone oce cm3522 available for faxing. A paper tray with this setting is not automatically selected when the “Auto” Paper setting is specified.

The administrator password used to specify cm35522 Administrator oce cm3522 settings can be specified or changed. Page In order for copies to be bound at the center, all of the following conditions must be met. Specify a setting for “When of Jobs Reach Maximum”. Place the original in the original feed tray in oce cm3522 order to be scanned with the side to be scanned faces up.

How many sheets of paper and other media can be loaded?

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For details, refer to “Copying with image colors inversed “Neg. For details on displaying the Administrator Settings screen, refer to “Displaying the Administrator Settings screen” on page The oce cm3522 for oce cm3522 function appears again.

Page 77 Close the ADF or the original cover.