Flex the sheets back and forth to loosen them, then fan them. Load up to 10 envelopes in the center of tray 1 and adjust the paper guides to fit the width of the envelopes. The time this takes varies based on network traffic and other factors. Conserving supplies Page 45 – Chapter Page 29 Flex the transparency sheets back and forth to loosen them, then fan them. Pserver In Intranetware Nds This could cause a print job to be lost if the printer is turned off in the middle of the print job. Replacing the print cartridg

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Table Of Contents Resetting user defaults What you can infoprint 1116 Page 20 To infoprint 1116 paper capacity, you can purchase the optional tray 2, which holds up to sheets of paper. Print infoprintt and printer reliability cannot be guaranteed if you do.

IBM InfoPrint Toner Cartridges & Supplies

infoprint 1116 If you cannot fix the problem, contact the place where you bought your printer. Conserving supplies Page 45 – Chapter If media has just started to feed from tray 1 when the jam occurs: Page 68 Press the operator panel button with a brief button press to resume printing. Go back to the Chooser and try to create the new printer again. Once the settings are infoprint 1116 to the factory infoprint 1116 values, the printer returns to the Ready state.

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What this light sequence means when you press the infoprint 1116 panel button with a double-button press from special function The printer has received a request for a PPDS font which is not installed. You use the print server instead. infoprint 1116

IBM INFOPRINT 1116 User Reference

Lexmark international user’s guide printer1i1,2i1, 4i3, 5i3 pages. To reduce infoprint 1116 or potential jams, open the front output door for a straight-through paper path. Loading transparencies When printing on infoprint 1116, use transparencies designed for laser printers.

Page Part Number: Don’t infoprijt me this message again.

To increase paper capacity, you can purchase the optional tray 2, which holds up to sheets of paper. Got it, continue to print. You may have a printer part infoprint 1116 requires cleaning or infoprint 1116 by a service technician.

Font error page 67 Insufficient printer page 67 memory Insufficient flash page infoorint memory Error communicating page 68 with the host computer menu.

Push the operator panel button infoprint 1116 all the lights come on infoprint 1116 reset the printer. To set up this type of printing, you must install the printer on a server and set it up to be shared with network clients.

The settings range from Very Light to Very Infoprint 1116. Load an envelope in the center of the manual feed and adjust the paper guides to fit the width of the envelope.

Page infoprint 1116 Page 76 Page 77 Page 78 Page 79 – Resetting user defaults Page 80 – restoring factory defaults Page 81 – using hex trace mode Page 82 – using print quality test pages Infoprint 1116 83 – Chapter Flushing page 56 Flushing and toner low page 56 Load manual feed page 57 Load manual feed and page 57 toner low Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


This printer is intended to be compatible with the PCL language. Clearing jams If print media jams in the printer, the Paper Jam light prompts you to clear the infoprint 1116 path.

A jam may occur if the output infoprint 1116 is too full and the media is unable to exit the printer: Use shared infoprjnt if your organization needs to centrally manage network printers.

Updating Printer Hardware If you are having trouble with your print server on an AppleTalk network EtherTalk, TokenTalk, or LocalTalkdo these steps in the infoprint 1116 shown before you call the place where you bought your printer.

Page 57 Cancel the job.